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Chair Mats

Chair Mats
Office chair mats offer more than just comfort and ease - they're a shield for your floors. Far from being mere plastic sheets, these mats are designed primarily to protect carpeted floors while facilitating effortless chair movement. Did you know it takes 78% more energy to move a chair on a carpet than on the smooth surface of a chair mat?

Our chair mats not only safeguard your floor but also preserve its warranty. They deliver top-tier ergonomic solutions for your workspace, enhancing comfort and mobility. When choosing the perfect office mat, consider factors such as flooring type/backing, shape, size, thickness, and edging. With the right selection, your chair mat can provide years of comfort and effortless movement, all while protecting the floor beneath.

Our clear chair mats are not only practical but also eco-friendly. They've earned the Green Guard Gold Certification for low chemical emissions, making them a healthier choice for both homes and workplaces. Manufactured in the US, our products are free from phthalates and cadmium. For added stability, our chair mats feature a unique anchor bar cleat system. Choose our chair mats for a blend of comfort, protection, and sustainability.
Model: Desk Chair Mats
These clear and heavy-duty chair mats protect your carpeted floors and the same time roll easily with less stress on joints or back thereby allowing ease of mobility. Made using vinyl and recycled materials chair mats are part of your everyday office items. These chair mats are made for differe..
Model: Chair Mats
This versatile chair mat is the ultimate protection between your expensive hard floor and the chair.  These mats will protect your hard floor surface from scratches and long-term wear and tear from your chair's casters. The anti-skid texture top allows easy maneuvering of the chair easily ..
Model: Chair Mats
What a beautiful piece of art to have in your workspace. These aesthetically pleasing accent mats are purely made by hand thus each product is unique. Constructed with a 100% Jacquard woven polyester rug surface; 100% phthalate-free PVC core. These chair mats are heavy-duty and functional. It allows..
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