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Supreme Berber Entrance mats

Supreme Berber Entrance mats
Supreme Berber Entrance mats

Introducing our Supreme Berber Entrance Mat, crafted with the utmost attention to quality and durability. This high-quality mat is designed for extremely busy traffic areas, offering unbeatable performance and longevity.

Constructed with 100% needle-punched polypropylene fibers, this mat can withstand heavy foot and cart traffic without losing its form. The densely woven yarns are securely embedded into a solid rubber backing, ensuring superior resistance to wear and tear. A unique heavy-duty vinyl border enhances the mat's strength, providing added reinforcement and stability. With its bi-level construction, this mat traps dirt and debris beneath the walking surface, keeping your floors clean and pristine. Our Supreme Berber mats are UV-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and exposed outdoor applications. You can rely on their ability to withstand sunlight and maintain their vibrant appearance over time.

Safety is paramount, so our mat features heavy-duty thick beveled edges. These edges create a smooth transition from the floor to the mat, reducing the risk of tripping and falling.

We offer customization options to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a unique shape, custom size, or particular dimensions, our Supreme Berber mats can be tailored to your requirements. Reach out to us for personalized assistance.

To ensure the longevity of your Supreme Berber Entrance mat, we recommend regular maintenance and cleaning. Vacuuming is essential, especially in high-traffic commercial areas, ideally on a daily basis. In lower traffic areas, a weekly vacuuming routine is recommended.

For deeper cleaning, you can extract or hose off the mat as needed to remove heavy soil or debris. Afterward, hang the mat to dry thoroughly before placing it back in service. It's crucial to ensure the mat is completely dry to maintain its performance and effectiveness.

Invest in our Supreme Berber Entrance Mat and experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Contact us today to discuss your custom sizes and shapes or any specific requirements you may have.

Protect your floors and maintain a clean, inviting entrance with the Supreme Berber Entrance Mat.

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