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30 Mar Changing Entrance Mats for Spring Season
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As winter recedes, revealing the budding promise of spring, our surroundings are not the only elements touched by transformation. This season, symbolic of renewal and fresh starts, presents a unique opportunity for facility managers and business owners to reflect this change within their commercial spaces. Amidst the extensive checklist of potentia..
12 Mar Benefits of Recessed Grill Mats
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Universal Floor Mats stand as the go-to choice for architects, building owners, and contractors in search of dependable flooring solutions. With their versatility and adaptability, Universal Floor Mats prove indispensable across a spectrum of commercial settings, from bustling office complexes to vibrant retail spaces, and from bustling airports to..
13 Feb 5 Ways to Enhance the Performance of Your Floor Mat
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Floor mats play a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness, ensuring safety, and even enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether it's for a commercial setting or a cozy corner in your home, the performance of your floor mat can significantly impact your daily operations and comfort levels.Here are five proven strategies to maximize the ef..
05 Feb Understanding the Logo Mat Layout
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When it comes to creating an inviting and brand-cohesive entrance, the layout of your logo mat plays a pivotal role. This essential piece not only keeps your entryway clean and safe but also acts as a silent ambassador for your brand, greeting every visitor with a strong visual statement. The right layout ensures your logo is prominently displayed,..
25 Jan The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Floor Mats
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When it comes to floor mats, getting the measurements right is the first step toward ensuring their effectiveness and functionality. At Universal Floor Mats, we understand the significance of precise measurements, whether you're planning for a single mat or an extensive matting program. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to measure floo..
22 Jan Renting vs. Buying Floor Mats
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Like silent guardians, floor mats stand at the threshold, intercepting dirt and grime before they invade your sanctuary. They cushion our steps in the kitchen frenzy, and steady our footing in the slippery bathroom. But when it comes to these stalwart protectors, a question arises: Rent or Buy?Renting floor mats offers undeniable convenience. No up..
14 Jan Comprehensive Buyer's Guide to Custom Logo Floor Mats
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Custom logo floor mats serve a dual purpose, blending branding with practicality. Firstly, they strengthen your brand identity by prominently displaying your logo, company name, or custom message, leaving a lasting and professional impression on customers. Beyond branding, these mats safeguard your floors by acting as a protective barrier, trapping..
05 Jan Who Cares About Floor Mats?
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Who Cares About Floor Mats? ...Your Floors, Obviously! (and Maybe Your Sanity)Ah, the humble floor mat. Often trampled underfoot, rarely the star of the show, it's the Rodney Dangerfield of home accessories – no respect, no recognition, just the occasional trip hazard. But let's face it, folks, who really cares about floor mats?Well, let me tell yo..
17 Dec Slip and Fall Prevention for Businesses in 2023
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While 2020 threw major curveballs at businesses, 2023 isn't slowing down either. The last thing you need as a business owner is the added stress and financial burden of slip-and-fall claims, especially with winter creeping in.  Snow, ice, and rain create ideal conditions for these accidents, and neglecting proper safety measures can have severe con..
11 Dec How Floor Mats Can Help Ensure Winter Safety in Schools
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As the crisp autumn air gives way to the frosty grip of winter, schools face a unique set of challenges. Blustery winds, icy sidewalks, and unpredictable snowfall can turn the once-joyful schoolyard into a potential hazard zone. But fear not, vigilant school administrators!A simple yet effective solution lies right under your feet: floor mats.The I..
05 Dec How Floor Mats Can Safeguard Your Space During Winter Months
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Winter brings a unique set of challenges for maintaining safe and clean floors. From slippery, wet surfaces to the damaging effects of salt and de-icing chemicals, the colder months can take a toll on any facility's flooring. This includes your home.  It's not just about keeping floors looking good; but a matter of safety and preserving the integri..
13 Nov Preparing for the Holiday with Floor Mats
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The holiday season brings joy, gatherings, and a significant increase in foot traffic. Preparing your space, whether it's a retail store, office, or home, is crucial for ensuring safety and maintaining a festive atmosphere. A key aspect of this preparation is selecting the right floor mats for high-traffic areas. Not only do they help in keeping th..
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